May 26, 2011

INSEKT by Kellie Smits

Kellie Smits, designer and founder of the great kids label BB+++ is the designer of this desk called INSEKT. As beautiful as her kids wear label is, even as beautiful is this product design.

The desk with a lot of steps to put papers, drawings and paraphernalia in is both functional as good-looking. In the opening at the top is more space for pens etc. and an opening at both sides to leave electricity cables. The name INSEKT is a association of Kellie with insect legs and it's desk legs.

The desk is not only available for kids but also for adults and work purposes with a higher size. Available in pink, olive green and sunny yellow you really can add some personality to your kids room or office. 

The desk is available through the webshop of Buisjes en Beugels


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