August 21, 2010

A room for prayer.

Via Cherry blossom. Styling: Laura Fulmine.

Irina Graewe off course!



Foto: Anitta Behrendt. Via Cherry Blossom.

Deborah Bowness´wallpaper

Check her out here! Via Cherrey blossom.

Dreams of a photographer.

Alica Bock! A wonderful photographer!

The coolest chic these days!

Friends! Chanelle Monae!

Dear God! Can you please give me a loft? So I can have a staircase like this? Thank you!

Via Cherry blossom.

I´m inspired!

Via Cherry blossom.

Rustique romance

Via Cherry Blossom. From Studio Toogood.

August 16, 2010

Too good!

Studio Toogood designs, directs and executes interiors and environments from concept through to creation. Offering a full creative direction and interior design service, the Studio’s projects range from the two-dimensional page to the three-dimensional space, and from the real to the conceptual. Under the creative direction of London-based designer, Faye Toogood, the Studio collaborates with clients who seek alternative ways of developing their brand or their interior. Its distinctive approach disregards convention in favour of something altogether more brave, joyous and impulsive.

The members of the Studio are able to draw on a wide range of talents and diverse backgrounds, including fine art, history of art, architecture and interior design.

Via Design for mankind.

Cut room.

Empty (Cut Room) - Shooting Blanks: 30"x38" Lambda Photograph 2008.

Gina Osterloh is behind this installation. It´s great! Via Design for mankind

Katie Niewodowski´s cellular universe

Via Design for mankind. Check this crazy artist out on

Confetti girl.

Via Design for mankind