December 19, 2010

Kraft paper

Sweet Paul says: I always loved wrapping presents in kraft paper.
Its something so nostalgic about it.
The small gift is wrapped and tied with red wool yarn.
The tassels are made by twining the yarn around two fingers; tie in the middle and cut the sides. Tie to the two yarn ends.
The large red pom-pom is made the same way, twine the yarn around four fingers; tie in the middle and cut the sides.
The white center is a small pom-pom hot glued in place.
Button gift is tied with thin metal wire and the buttons fasten to the wire.
The large gift is wrapped in kraft paper and a vintage cherry hat decor hot glued on top.
 Photo FRances Janisch
Stylist Anna Wendt and Photographer Lisa Bjorner.

Home made paper.

Sweet Paul has made his own wrapping paper: This holiday Im all about making my own paper.
This idea is a smash hit, if I might say so myself!
Find all your holiday photos, old and new and make them into a collage by simply placing them next to each other on a printer.
Now take that print and go to a print center and copy up larger sheets.
They are quite inexpensive.
You now have your very own holiday wrapping paper.
Cool right?

Photo by Hector Sanchez

Merry Christmas 2010!

Via Automatism.

December 3, 2010

Mikael Beckmans apartment?

I don´t know if this is the home of Swedish stylist Mikael Beckman or if he has something to do with the styling. Anyway, found them on Two tall blondes.

Two tall blondes.

Often, when I post a picture from a fashion magazine, it´s more about the colour combination than the clothes. I love colours! You have probably noticed allready.BD

Like the style.

I know what you wore last season...

Kate Moss.

Kitschy cats!

Erin Wasson this is. Via I know what you wore press the headliner please thanks.