July 31, 2010


Dear Lo Bjurulf! Can you please pay me a visit? I could use som help...

IKEA again.

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Magica fra Tryll

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IKEA by Lo Bjurulf:D

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Lo Bjurulf´s magic touch

Styling by Lo Bjurulf for IKEA!! Via Concrete & Honey.


I have a hang-up on chairs today....Designed by Stefan Diez

The comfy cargo chair

One of the guiding philosophy’s of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s work is leaving the end-user to decide what an object is and how to interact with it. Designer Stephan Schulz has taken the concept to new extremes with his Comfy Cargo Chair.

Via My house is my castle

TnT Chopping Board

A high squared wooden chopping board in various sizes with handle. After the carpet "Explosion", Fabio Bortolani insists on the same trend proposing a chopping board with the shape of a detonator. The ironical transfer turns to be functional too: the chopping board acquires a practical and solid handle.

Manufacturer: SKITSCH

Via http://www.bonluxat.com

100 chairs in 100 days

Exhibition: 100 Chairs in 100 Days by Martino Gamper 5 Cromwell Place, London  2–15 October 2007

Martino Gambers says: This project involves systematically collecting discarded chairs from London streets (or more frequently, friends’ homes) over a period of about roughly two years, then spending 100 days to reconfiguring the design of each one in an attempt to transform its character and/or the way it functions. My intention is to investigate the potential for creating useful new designs by blending together stylistic or structural elements of existing chair types.

I see this as a chance to create a ‘three-dimensional sketchbook’, a set of playful yet thought-provoking designs that, due to the time constraint, are put together with a minimum of analysis. As well as possibly making one or more designs that might be suitable for mass production, I intend to question the idea of there being an innate superiority in the one-off, to use this mongrel morphology to demonstrate the difficulty of any particular design being objectively judged ‘the best’. I also hopes my chairs illustrate – and celebrate – the geographical, historical and human resonance of design: what can they tell us about London, the sociological context of seating from different areas, and the people who owned each one? The stories behind the chairs are as important as their style or even their function.

The project suggests a new way to stimulate design thinking, and provokes debate about a number of issues, including value, different types of functionality and what is an appropriate style for certain types of chair – for example, what happens to the status and potential of a plastic garden chair (conventionally located slap bang in the idiom of unremarkable functionality) when it is upholstered with luxurious brown suede? In essence, this exercise champions a certain elasticity of approach – both in terms in highlighting the importance of the sociological/personal/geographical/historical context of design, and in enabling the creative potential of elements of randomness and spontaneity to be brought to the fore.


Via http://www.gampermartino.com


xy+z suit rack by Emma Fox Derwin / Nigel Groom. The contemporary man’s xy+z suit rack is elegant, funny and modern, inspired by the traditional men’s valet clothing stand. Our suit rack accommodates your entire ensemble: jacket, shirt, tie, belt, pants and shoes. A single line, hand formed in three axes from steel, powder coated with a light texture to prevent clothes from slipping off, the piece folds up for easy assembly, disassembly and transport.

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Above: Schaukelkette by Johanna Richter. An accessory for the home that is also a fashion item. Schaukelkette is reductionist and subdued, but not too subdued: an item of jewellery for the home. The inspiration for this design came from the antiphonies between an object in the home and a piece of jewellery. A swing- cum-necklace, a new way of looking at what furniture is all about.

Via http://www.incrediblethings.com


LOVE these products!

Founded in 1984, Casamania by Frezza has grown rapidly in the space of a few years, both in terms of structure as well as the results achieved in the local and international marketplace. Casamania’s offers attractive products, functionally and aesthetically rich and ideal for use in a diverse range of contexts. Products are characterised by the use of colour, offering a sense of wellbeing to any space. Casamania has accumulated valuable experience in the accessories sector and particularly for its modular systems, ideal for every situation and every space: whether home, office or shop.

Simply beautiful by Jasper Morrison

Plywood chair

Bac chair

Vincent van Duysen

The work of architect and designer Vincent van Duysen is characterised by an interest in reinterpreting classical forms. His designs are both contemporary and innovative. His gorgeous collection of pots for when objects work is an exercise in restrained theme and variation. Each pieces is composed of two elements: an earthenware container and a wooden plate. The plate serves as a cover as well as a plinth

Michel Berger Hotel

The Michel Berger Hotel is a boutique hotel / Bar restaurant in Berlin. Designing from the creative minds of a group of friends, they worked on the idea of a fun, trendy and rebellious budget hotel, a little bit like Berlin itself ! Their vision was to create a hotel that is “as creative as an ad agency”.

Via http://trendland.net

Gaultier´s nautical interior.

Following Christian Lacroix and Martin Margiela, for the third edition of ELLE Decoration Suite by a fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier unveiled his signature nautical stripes on this spectacular interior design at an apartment situated in front of the Eiffel tower.

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Mauricio Arruda´s recycled design.

Richard Avedon.

Aaah! The master of portraits!