February 28, 2011

6-legged table

Lotta Agaton blog. Photo: Pia Ulin.


The brick house. 

Cord lamp by Brendan Ravenhill


Panto beam by Verner Panton

Via Better living through design.

Me box.

“At one end of this double-thick cardboard box is a grid of perforated discs. Punch out the discs to reveal a contrasting color; keep punching out discs until you’ve created a number, letter or symbol to help identify what’s stored inside. You can even arrange multiple MeBoxes in rows to create longer messages. MeBox ships flat, individually packed in a plastic bag with integrated handles. A versatile solution for office or home, use it to organize files, toys, holiday decorations, clothing and more. MeBox color combinations are: blue/fluorescent pink, grey/fluorescent yellow, white/fluorescent red and red/fluorescent green.”

February 24, 2011

Wood veneer lamps

Tom Rossau’s collection of contemporary sculptural lamps in
veneers builds on a long Scandinavian design tradition of wooden
illuminants. Every lamp is carefully handcrafted here in
Denmark and has the natural characteristics of its wood.
Air, designed by Ray Power, is characterized by simple sinuous lines, and is conceived from the idea of creating three dimensional shapes from something flat. The Air lamp is formed by bending a thin layer of wood veneer which in a twisting movement achieves both shade and base from the one piece. The Air is available as a table or wall lamp and in a wide range of colours, from natural shades of wood to a whole series of bright colored veneers

Via Designe sponge

Window styling

Via http://lottaagaton.blogspot.com/

Jil Sander´s studio

Via Things I like

Happy bedroom!

Via Things I like, things I love.

I´m in love!

I LOVE this apartment!! Photos by: Vercruysse Fredrik via OWI//Office for Word and Image. Via Things I like, things I love.

Cordless doorbell

Danish designer Jacob Jensen’s cordless doorbell features five different polyphonic tunes. It features a LED that indicates both ring and low battery level. Via Better living through design

February 21, 2011

Recycling frame from Materriashop

Recycling made easy! Here´s an everyday product made functional and stylish. Recycle your paper, plastics and metals using these clever recycling frames. Style your own frame with your favorite bag. Great for the office and at home. Use 2 frames to create a recycling center for 3 collectables and use 3 frames for 5 collectables. 
Material: Steel (30% recycled) and is 100% recyclable. Via Better living through design. 

Form us with love

The Swedish trio behind Form Us With Love–Jonas Pettersson, John Lofgren and Petrus Palmer–refined the lowly utility light into something beautiful with a few new bends of the angled cage, a dimmer switch to match your mood, and thickening those wires by plating them in chrome or gold. The naked bulb is protected–you can treat it as haphazardly as the one in your garage. But it’s so striking you’ll want to spotlight one or more in your home or office.
Via Better living through design

February 18, 2011

Kitchen shelfs

Via Design Studio 210.

Art at the office

Table design

Design: Matilda Ringer. Via Design-shimmer.

Pink kitchen

Colourful scrapping

Yin/Yang home office

Via Ideastosteal and Design Studio 210.

Framing by Tine K

Tine K

Joe Wigdahl

Mango spring couture

High street brand Mango are not late to pick up trends from the latest fashion weeks and has some beautiful looks in their spring collection with clear references to everything from Lanvin to Isabel Marant, will be in store from March.
Via http://the-northernlight.com/?tag=springsummer-2011

Muuto styling

Styling by All The Way to Paris.

Scholten & Baijings.

Scholten & Baijings. The Dutch design duo does the textile designs for Danish company HAY

The brick house