February 21, 2011

Form us with love

The Swedish trio behind Form Us With Love–Jonas Pettersson, John Lofgren and Petrus Palmer–refined the lowly utility light into something beautiful with a few new bends of the angled cage, a dimmer switch to match your mood, and thickening those wires by plating them in chrome or gold. The naked bulb is protected–you can treat it as haphazardly as the one in your garage. But it’s so striking you’ll want to spotlight one or more in your home or office.
Via Better living through design

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  1. These lights are in H&M in Manchester. Lots of them above the entrance, and you can go upstairs and see them from above too if you look down from the balcony. They're set out in two large ovals that cross over each other, all the lights are set at different heights.. Hard to explain!