April 6, 2011

Studio Pepe

It’s all about love, style and passion. That’s how Arianna Lelli Marni and Chiara di Pinto, the spicy ingredients of Studio Pepe, define themselves. Taking a look at their amazing work, one is totally in agreement. Studio Pepe has one of the most impressing trajectories concerning editorial styling and set design, specialized in creating eye catching interiors for the pages of the most important magazines in the world, from New York Times Style magazine till Elle Decor Italia. Being also successfully involved in the world of advertisement, their work is much more than compiling the latest design trends. They create idyllic spaces full of imagination, unexpected combinations and surrealistic elements that allow them to project a strong and original view. Their goal is to create a dialogue between the different elements of their compositions in order to produce real magic. That being said, it is true that one needs more than a few minutes to understand the depth of their compositions, to perceive what is happening exactly in their images. And that is particularly hard to achieve nowadays when everything seems to have been done.

Photo 1: Karrin Nussbaumer. Photo 2: Micheal Bousquet. Photo 3: Alexandre. Photo 4: Bachaus/Anni. Via YATZER

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