August 31, 2011

Living with wood

Silent night

White cave

I´ve fallen in love with grey. finally!

Boxes & bathroom

Styling by Gitte Kjær

Gitte Kjær

Grey kitchen

August 29, 2011

At Fabienne´s

The Marseille home of designer Fabienne Collombel is a reflection of her adventurous personality — Fabienne loves to travel, and she's surrounded herself with beautiful souvenirs of her voyages. Her favourite parts of the world are Africa (Fabienne grew up in Cameroon and Libya), India and Southeast Asia, where she explores offbeat places for the unusual and unique. In her own work as a designer, she often takes the odd items discovered in her travels and puts them together in interesting ways — like the Castafiore collection of jewelry, with necklaces that are both baroque and bohemian in design. Back at home, a relaxed mix of French sofas, Indian rugs, plastic mats from Togo and the odd Ikea piece are a testament to her open and democratic approach to design. More here on Marie Claire Maison.

Lovka´s home

An old grain silo in the village of Kfar Hess is now the home of Lovka and his wife and children, after they decided that their home in Tel Aviv was growing increasingly cramped — Lovka is not only a photographer, but a serious collector. Now they have more than enough space for his wonderful finds as well as for his family

On the wall & table styling

Photo by anna-malin for decor8Via Automatism

Black, white, grey, beige

Make them yourself

To warm your body

Via April & May

Let the winter begin

Via April & May

Photographer Mark Eden Schooley

Kitty on bed

Étude Géométrique

Étude Géométrique is a ceramics collection by Ann van Hoey for Serax. A collection of basic forms. Ann came up with the idea of folding thin sheets of clay when she saw origami artists at work in Japan. The collection grew from a a bowl with four corners and the logical next step was the confrontation between the circle and the triangle.

So simple